• High School Dropout to MBA and PHD
  • Minimum Wage Worker to CEO and Multi-Business Owner
  • Homeless to Multi-Homeowner

Richard Vaughn grew up in East Baltimore,Maryland  on the ragged edge of the lower class. His mother worked as a Corporate Attorney and his father worked as a Maryland Legal Specialist. Understanding the struggles and challenges in our communities. He had dropped out of high school at age of 16 to help his family. He started working minimum wage to be promoted as a General Manager at 18, while still seeking to receive his GED at the age of 25. He then attended Hampton University, earning his Bachelors of Science in Criminal Justice and graduated Magna Cum Laude. Richard attended the University of Southwest and is now earning a PHD in Public Policy and Administration. His passion has always been to serve by taking those skills and entering into the public sector. Today, he’s proud to announce his candidacy for Mayor of Baltimore City. By being a business executive, he understands the importance of putting people first. He wants to take his acquired knowledge and experience and help uplift the city of Baltimore. He did not let how he started his life determine where he will end up in life. “If I can do it, there is absolutely no limit to what our future generations can accomplish.” He’s dedicated his career in revesting into Baltimore by buying over 100 different businesses.

Rebuilding Baltimore City

Now, Richard’s running for mayor to end Baltimore City corruption and make our system work for everyone.