Rikki Vaughn
Rikki Vaughn on the issues

I am running for mayor because, just like you, I am frustrated at the broken problems we get every year and every election cycle. Baltimore, I love you. I love people from here. We need change.

Rikki Vaughn is a lifelong registered Democrat who supports platforms surrounding social services and programs, equality and fairness.

As a result of Rikki’s background as a business owner and entrepreneur, he is also supportive of right-leaning economic policies for businesses and business owners. Rikki Vaughn’s goal is to create a hybrid marketplace that benefits both business owners and workers.

Rikki puts people before parties, and his primary goals are to focus on social policies and economics to improve education, employment and social equality for all Baltimore residents. Specifically, Rikki seeks to improve the education system through better funding for schools and higher teacher pay, and to improve the relationship between law enforcement and minority communities via mutual respect and understanding. Rikki also seeks to maximize the value and impact of social programs for the disadvantaged and to ensure that all Baltimore residents find themselves on equal footing.

Improving Public Safety

Key Points:
  • Act to get needles out of our parks and off our sidewalks. We will build a mobile app for our residents to report a loose needle and the clean up crew will locate and collect the waste, this allows us to collect up to 2,000 needles in its first month alone.
  • Unprecedented investments in stronger schools, jobs and more–to bring the hope and opportunity to our neighborhoods that gets more young people on the right track.
  • Build on success to expand regional and national cooperation to reduce illegal gun trafficking.
  • Expand summer learning and working opportunities until they reach every young person in the city.
  • Stopping illegal gun trafficking a top priority, and commit to ridding Baltimore of the illegal guns used in crimes. Recovering over 3,000 firearms over his first two years.

Housing For All

Key Points:
  • Increase home ownership in Baltimore.
  • Reintroduce the $1 house-buying program.
  • Work with contractors to rebuild our dilapidating houses.
  • Help tenants stay in their homes and protect their rights
  • Build more affordable homes while investing in quality of life.
  • Fight side-by-side with housing advocates, communities, and elected officials to maintain and expand federal housing investments.
  • Explore development of affordable living/working spaces for artists.

Reinvest In Education

Key Points:
  • Allocate the greatest increase in school funding.
  • Secure the GEAR Up Grant, bringing $8 million over the next 5 years.
  • Work with community partners to create vocational training programs.
  • Create a community-led strategic plan for Baltimore City schools.
  • Push mandatory STEM education programs.
  • Create Tutorial Programs for our students.

Advance Women

Key Points:
  • Empowering women’s leadership.
  • Working with private employers to close the gender gap pay.
  • Empowering women’s entrepreneurship.
  • Making Baltimore a leader in ending human trafficking.
  • Giving women tools for career advancement and wage equity.

Supporting Our Seniors

Key Points:
  • Create more senior housing, with a goal of 500 new senior units of housing by 2022.
  • Helping older adults retain and find homes.
  • The Age-Friendly Baltimore Report.
  • Creating safer streets our seniors.
  • Spending more time at senior centers or care homes.

Growing Our Economy

Key Points:
  • Employer recruitment not only brings good jobs to our city, it creates economic ripple effects and elevates our city’s role on the world stage.
  • Sharing economic opportunity more fairly and widely.
  • Neighborhood innovation, Innovation Center to implement Neighborhood Innovation Districts that advance a citywide vision for 21st-century economic growth.
  • Supporting and creating startup and innovation communities.

Racial Justice

Key Points
  • Work to diversify the city workforce by appointing 50% people of color to the cabinet.
  • Racial Equity Toolkit for Government.
  • Implicit Bias Training.
  • Annual Town Hall on Race.
  • Challenged the business community.

Our Youth

Key Points:
  • Empowering young people to lead, Bringing the Youth Lead the Change program giving the young people of Baltimore power over $500,000 in the city’s budget
  • Getting more youth on pathways to success.
  • Increase Street Workers, add dozens of new street workers and ensure coverage for every public housing development in the city.
  • Make the entire city a classroom,  bring the “5th Quarter of Learning,” building on Baltimore’s groundbreaking public-private summer learning initiative in an effort to ensure more students than ever before gain access to the area’s rich tapestry of natural, cultural, and higher education resources. It will engage 2,200 high-need students in rigorous academic learning with hands-on enrichment–including sailing, archery, dance, and tennis–while building critical thinking, perseverance, and teamwork skills

Respecting Our Veterans

Key Points:
  • Increase budgetary support for veterans services, including the City’s Homebuyer Financial Assistance Program, to provide down payment assistance to veterans buying a home in Baltimore 
  • Develop job opportunity programs for veterans being treated for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.
  • Supporting an inclusive veteran community.
  •  Standing with veterans groups

Supporting Our Immigrants

Key Points:
  • Continue to advance policies and programs that allow immigrants to follow their dreams and contribute their talents.
  • Continue to speak out on behalf of immigrants in the face of any discriminatory measures or hateful rhetoric that emerge.
  • Form a Task Force on Foreign-Trained Professionals to maximize the potential of immigrants to contribute their skills to our economy.
  • Launched Immigrant Information Corners at all branches of the Baltimore Public Library.
  • Created the Greater Boston Immigrant Defense Fund: To provide free legal defense for immigrants facing deportation proceedings, in partnership with the Maryland Legal Assistance Corporation, and local fund.

LGBTQ + Equality

Key Points:
  • Rikki Vaughn will remain vigilant and will take action when needed in defense against any attempts at the federal or state levels to roll back civil rights.
  • Vaughn believes in continually listening to all the diverse voices in the community to understand how we can do better as a city and a city government.
  • Supporting LGBTQ seniors. The City will partner with health care providers to start the LGBTQ lunch site in the country.